Top 10 scams where Canadians fall into!

The latest: Social Insurance Number Scam

Have you been a victim of one of these scams?
Scammers are on the loose!

Calm down and do not panic if you receive a call from a man with a threatening voice, telling you to press 1 immediately because you have committed a crime, as for information from your Canadian Social Insurance Number.

Much possible not to press 1. Totally ignore it and put down the phone.

And immediately phone Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or it is called -PHONE BUSTERS-: 1-885-495-8501. And report the call which you have received.

It happened to me one day with two phone calls from the two area codes: 905 and 613. I did press 1 and a man with an Asian accent told me to give to him my Social Insurance Number, my phone number and my birthday and telling me that I have a criminal record. I did argue and the man had raised voice when I mentioned to him, with firm voice and strong sense of urgency, that I will be phoning the RCMP and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and he dropped his phone.

I called the police non-emergency number: (204) 986-6222. And if you do not suffer financial loss, phone Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or -PHONE BUSTER- (see phone above). And you suffer any financial loss, wait for the line, someone would answer your phone call.

Remember that some of our kababayans were victims of the CRA phone scam. Fear of prosecution and deportation had over-powered their sense of composure, their sense of security, panicking that they might be apprehended and the most devastating consequence, that they might be deported because of their non-payment of whatever amount due to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Many victims had gone to the money remittance offices or to the bank, as directed by the man on the phone; and paid the amount mentioned by the “officer” of CRA. And millions of dollars were paid to avoid any repercussions for not paying the amount owed to the government.

With the advent of the international network (internet), scammers have all the time to found ways to get money from Canadians, especially the newcomers and the most vulnerable, the seniors.

I do remember some seniors who were victims of phone scams, like travel and winning from some unknown contests. One senior had paid so much money, more than $6,000 for a travel promo to the Caribbean, and he was devastated when he found out that it was a scam.

Just remember, CRA and other government agencies would not demand any amount, telling you to pay to some of the common money remittance agencies. And if you have a problem with CRA, or with Immigration or your Social Insurance Number, the government agencies write letters. And the officers do not demand fiercely for you to go to the bank and pay the amount you owe to this agency. In the CRA protocol, some collectors would send you letters on demand or would phone you with full identify. And these officers are kind enough to tell you their phone numbers for a much better communication.

Service Canada would not phone you about your criminal case and ask you to settle the case. And if there is a real case, report to RCMP or to the court, clarifying the case. And, in your judgement, that you could not remember any violation of the Canadian laws, then, ignore the phone call. The SIN scammers want your money immediately!

And what are the top 10 scams Canadians fall into: 1) Romance Scams- (online dating profiles are fake!); 2) Income tax extortion Scam- (CRA officers calling you to pay immediately for your non-payment of income tax.); 3)Employment scam-Better Business Bureau notes that it gets harder to crack down because some scammers are operating through reputable services like Monster, Indeed and LinkedIn.; 4) Phishing- generally refers to scammers who are not what they seem to be; 5)Subscription Scam: skin care or wrinkles, or weight not subscribe and give your card number!..and watch your monthly statement!; 6) Advance Fee Loan scam: In Canada, lenders cannot ask for advance fee before giving a loan! The most vulnerable: persons and companies struggling for money.

Beware!; 7) Tech Support Scams: Computer viruses? And Services? Go to the reputable repair services with great record; 8) Home Improvement Scam: considered as “one of the oldest scams in the universe”- usually offers home/reno projects for a good price, take the money, they either do a bad job, or incomplete or none at all; 9) Bank Investigation Scam: Bank investigator would target the victims early in the morning! Pretending to be a bank representative who have information on fraudulent activity conducted on the victims account. The scammers, then convince their victims who may be sleeping or disoriented at a time, to hand over your financial information; 10) On line purchases scam: products seem too good to be true
And the latest: Social Insurance Number Scam: Fake Service Canada agent phones that you are involved in a criminal activity, asking you to settle your case by phone.

Reminder: If one of these scams happens, hung up the phone. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION! DO NOT SEND MONEY! And report to the authorities!
Canadians lost $100 millions to scams last 2018! Such a big business!
Everyday, a scammer is born!