Sixty-two new Canadians take their oath of citizenship at PCCM

Sixty-two new Canadians take their oath of citizenship at PCCM

Outside the spring-like weather added warmth to the sixty-two new Canadians who took an oath of citizenship at the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba recently.

There was excitement in the air as people from the different ethnic background got ready for the most important event in their lives: a true Canadian Citizen.

This year’s Citizenship Ceremony was held at the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba under the sponsorship of the current executive and board members of PCCM led by
Virginia Gayot, the current president of PCMM.

Judge Suzanne Carriere graced the citizenship oath taking which has been held in various places in Manitoba, to reflect the openness and engagement of the government in welcoming the new Canadians.

And for the sixty-two new Canadians, they have more advantages because of many benefits for becoming a Canadian, like: 1) You will be able to work in all jobs, having an access to some restrictive jobs available; 2) There are no resident requirements to stay as a citizen; 3) Your children will be Canadians; 4) You can vote, an exercise to choose who will govern the country, or the province or the city; 5) You can travel easily especially to those countries which have no visa requirements; 6) You can get involved in politics.

7) You can continue getting social benefits; 8) You don’t need to renew your PR card; 8) You can get your consular services. (In case you’re abroad and if there is political upheaval, Canadians are the priorities for safety; and finally, 9) You can’t be deported.

To the sixty-new Canadians, welcome to the club!

Photos by Noni Manalili