The Pogi Project Podcast Live

The Pogi Project Podcast Live

The Pogi Project is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog and podcast catered to the modern Filipino man. Its mission is to equip young Filipino men with the knowledge and inspiration they need to pursue their true success both within and outside the cultural norms.

Held last March 10th, podcast hosts Patrick Eulalia, Adrian Siapno and Aaron Amado discussed via live taping, their experience with racism within the Filipino community, and the relationships between “FOBS” (Fresh off the boat) and “whitewashed” Filipinos in Winnipeg.

Patrick Eulalia, in his podcast description, said “This topic was quite uncomfortable but necessary to bring up as it affects so many people in our city.”
It was a 30-minute discussion that undeniably caught the attention of the crowd.

“It was great to see Patrick on stage just talking about his culture. It was a great experience and I learned a lot,” shared one of the attendees, Kathleen Phillips.

“The Pogi Project was very informative and very funny. I can’t wait for their next episode. I’m a big fan, ” Jayson Mariano said.
You can listen to this episode on The Pogi Podcast on Spotify.