Life’s Bittersweet Nuggets

“Walang namamatay sa gutom. Buti pa ang mga homeless—chill lang sila….”


I don’t think so.

I volunteered a few years ago at a temporary shelter for the homeless here in Canada; talking to many of these people, they told me how scared they are every day especially when night falls when they feel the worst pangs of thirst and hunger and worry about where they can sleep or at least rest their tired asses.

Many of them seem okey from a distance, but only because they had just developed this numbness from all the pain and fear that they had been experiencing for months or even years.

Yes, many of them subsist through scavenging food from garbages; but never downplay or underestimate the often hopeless plight they are in.

Most of them die–yes, not of hunger–but of illnesses caused by such hunger and obvious lack of nutrition and weakness of immunity.

Chill? Not panicking?

Maybe you’re just not close enough to them to really know what’s troubling their minds and gnawing their stomachs.