Ted Bobier brings visual challenge on his painting

Ted Bobier brings visual challenge on his painting

His name is not yet a by-word in the wider art scene but his painting covers a wider span of time and space, thanks to his style which is a subject of different interpretations and understanding. And this has shown lately when he presented his latest works “PARADIGM SHIFT” at Wayne Arthur Gallery, Provencher Blvd in St. Boniface.

Ted Bobier shares his statement of his latest work: “My transition from realism to abstractions is painfully slow. I often struggle with the implications of leaving behind the illusions of the real world in favour of reaching a purity of forms and colours, which eventually leads to my own creation.” Paradigm shift is the shifting of his awareness as an artist, recording his day to day visual life experience on canvas.

His works often defies the interpretative possibilities of the language; his attention is focused on the larger implications of the works, rather than their meaning.

He never plans his paintings but lets the ideas freely flow and he reflects on the visual playground, pushing himself to the limit until he reaches a certain state of mind that connects him to the divine creator and lets oneness flourish throughout his work.

His art is the reflection of what is within him: his heart and soul. An expression of his mood and feelings, the art of beauty, joy, laughter and even hate, the subliminal, and the sublime. The art of how his mind deals with all the external influences that come to play from the influence of both the real and the virtual.

Certainly there are challenges in his life, the pain, the fear, and despair. Nonetheless, this negativity is eradicated by his continued quest for the purity of forms and colour which eventually leads to his own creation.

The art show was sponsored by Vickar Community Group (Vickar Chev, Vickar Mitsubishi, Vickar Nissan, Waverly Mitsubishi. He extended his heartfelt thank you to the Vickar Auto Group, and to Edgar de Leon, Jojo Villanueva, Angel Brana, Marissa Calvadores and Jimmel’s Bakery.