Senate approves speed limiter in buses

Senate approves speed limiter in buses

The installation of speed limiter in every public utility buses, as well as trucks, has been approved by the senate committee. This is to prevent and minimize road accidents related to overspeeding.

No public utility bus will be allowed access in any roads, streets, or highways under Senate Bill 2999 unless such device is installed.

The Bill proposes a maximum speed limit of 60 kph for travelling in EDSA, and 80 kph for expressways.

A fine not exceeding P100,000 and suspension of franchise will be imposed on bus operators who will fail to comply.

According to Senator JV Ejercito, road related accidents increased in the past years and overspeeding is one of the primary causes.

He added that bus riders are most at risk when exposed to these kinds of accidents based on a study conducted by the UP National Center for Transport Studies in 2014.

“The study gives emphasis to the fact that a bus is six times more at risk than a car, and five times more than a jeepney,” Ejercito said.

“We have long been shocked by news reports of over speeding buses and families instantly losing their loved-ones due to freak accidents. This Speed Limiter Bill is our solution to eliminate killer buses. Let us not wait for another bus accident for us to act on this,” he said.