A lesson to learn from a 6-year old orphan who makes people smile as reported by CBS

A lesson to learn from a 6-year old orphan who  makes people smile as reported by CBS

Have you smiled today? I guess not!

Lately, a CBS News host at the end of his broadcast, in the Facebook YouTube with more than 35 million views, told a story of a 6-year old orphan in Savanah, Georgia who has an enormous power , the power to lift the spirit. According to the CBS on the road reporter Steve Hartman ” this little boy is sick and tired seeing everyone is sad every time.”

Why most people don’t smile?
Have you been in some banks, or in some restaurants or just in a coffee shop, or in one of the offices in downtown? Have you noticed that the majority of people look sad while working in the front line, an office worker or the tellers; or a server; or a barista, or a receptionist?
I have so much time to go around and to meet many people in all walks of life. And I could count few happy faces, mostly sad.

And most of the time, I wonder if the tag line for Manitoba is just a tagline or a cold slogan: Friendly Manitoba? How friendly are we when most people have difficulty to smile? Understand the latest Provincial tagline: Heart of the continents. It beats! In what way?
Lets go back to the story of this 6-year old boy whose father died when he was 4 years old; and then, lately, his mother died on sleep. He said that it’s sad that his mom died lately.

“But there is another side of his grief”, the reporter said. “One day, the little boy told his guardian that he is sick and tired seeing everyone is sad all the time. And he had a plan to fix it, continued by the reporter, “And the boy told to his guardian to buy small toys.” The boy and the guardian went downtown in Savanah,Georgia and started giving away the toys to strangers.

Everyone who received the toys smiled. “It it is so overwhelming to some people that a 6-year old orphan will give toys expecting nothing in return except smile, of course he is paid handsomely in hugs,” Hartman said.

A 6-year old orphan who made people smile?
The story of this 6-year old orphan boy is so heart warming making people smile whenever he gave the toys. People smiled. People found themselves caught by the power of this little boy to lift the spirit. telling us that we have forgotten this special spice in life.

Compare yourself to this 6-year old orphan who has the mission to lift the spirit, to let people smile.

I have been to many places, and I do observe that most people do not smile. So serious that probably he or she has had a worst night and bring that sadness in the work place, in the restaurants, in the coffee shop. Or he or she is bored with his or her work.

Do we have to live up to the Manitoba’s slogan or tagline? And how many muscles are used when you smile? “One deep-fried-Zen adage advises: It takes 13 muscles to smile and 33 to frown. Why overwork? (The Washington Post, 5 Dec.’82) Or do we need to invite this 6-year old orphan to lift our spirit, to make us smile, and to make the true meaning of being a Friendly Manitoba. And to beat the heart of the continent with glee!


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