Royal Canoe to perform with Luca Roncoroni, Sputnik Architecture in ‘Warming Huts v.2020’

Royal Canoe to perform with Luca Roncoroni, Sputnik Architecture in ‘Warming Huts v.2020’

A special performance is slated on January 31, 2020 in appreciation of Winnipeg’s identity as one of the coldest cities on Earth.

Renowned Canadian indie pop band Royal Canoe will be performing alongside celebrated ice architect Luca Roncoroni; in collaboration with architectural and interior design experts from Sputnik Architecture.

The free outdoor performance will be held on the river at The Forks on January 31st. In place of guitars and drums, a combination of instruments and triggers carved from blocks of ice pulled directly from the Red River will be used. There will be ice drums and percussion, an ice sample kit/light-machine, some pitched ice instruments, and an ice horn, in addition to the usual keyboards and synthetic textures. The tone and mood of the performance aims to complement the severe, environment on the river in winter. It will be an adventure and challenge for the Royal Canoe to explore different sounds and tools in combination with their songs.

Luca Roncoroni, creative director of ICEHOTEL in Sweden, will design and build the instruments and performance area right on the river. Projectionist Stephanie Cruse will create original visuals that will interact with the icescape, while Andy Rudolph will develop the custom ice sound and light triggers technology.

Meanwhile, the Warming Huts v. 2020’ winning designs include The Droombook, Forest Village, The Village, S[hovel], and The Stand. For the 2020v the Department of Architecture Foundation Year Studios (ED3/ AMP) is proposing collaboration with international Winnipeg artist Eleanor Bond. A product of the School of Art, University of Manitoba, her works in urban landscapes and urban spaces establishes an introduction to this collaboration, while opening to possibilities of design that are experimental in nature and evocative of her native city winters.