Aksayá Nga Lang Ba ng Péra at Panahón ang Pagdiríwang ng Okasyón?

(On Frugality, or Wise Spending)

Báwat kultúra ay may kanya-kanyáng tradisyóng pinaháhalagahan. Báwat táo ay may kanya-kanyáng paborítong okasyón. Báwat lahì ay may kanya-kanyáng okasyóng ipinagdiríwang nang engránde. Marámi rin namáng pabór sa símpleng pamámaraan ng pagdiríwang. Alín nga ba ang mas nararapat?

If we are to talk about the occasions that are celebrated enthusiastically and usually lavishly by most, if not all, cultures in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, South America, and Africa, four of these would be birthdays, weddings, Halloween, and Christmas plus New Year.

Many people really spend time and money in celebrating occasions in very enjoyable and liberal ways. Some would even plan several months—or even a year—ahead to be able to have a grand celebration. But of course, there are also those who feel that celebrating such occasions in a lavish way is just a waste of time and money. They insist that occasions can anyway be celebrated in simple ways. They also suggest that, instead of spending money on these usually one-time celebrations, they should allot their hard-earned money on other, more important things.

Thus, we realize that people’s views concerning spending money on occasions are divided—those who favor it and those who are against it. So, which side are you on? Do you belong to the type who would spend money to be able to have a splendid birthday party or a wedding celebration, for instance? Or are you the type who would let Halloween pass without wearing a costume and who would rather spend Christmas and New Year with a simple dinner with your loved ones and without too much shopping?

I don’t have anything against either type of people. If you want to have a majestic coming-of-age celebration for your son or perhaps a wedding celebration in Europe for your lovely daughter, and you have the extra money to spend, then, by all means, go for it! If you want to decorate your entire house like a cemetery during Halloween or like a fairy castle during the Christmas season, and you saved money for it, then it’s your choice and right, especially if you know that this means fun for the kids and the young at heart.

There’s one thing though I’m not in favor of—celebrating lavishly even if this means borrowing money or using your savings allotted for more important things—like your children’s education fund, grocery supplies, or the overdue bills—just so you can have an impressive celebration to which you can invite all the people you know.

In Simple Words
You can celebrate an occasion without spending so much money—all you need is creativity. But if you want to celebrate grandly, then, by reasonable means, save extra money; especially if this will result in your family’s happiness. However, if you will borrow money and pester other people or drown yourself in debts afterwards just to be able to celebrate, then that’s not practical anymore…no, actually, it’s ridiculous already.