Christmas is Joy!

Christmas is Joy!

How do you celebrate Christmas with your family, with your loved ones? Would it be a tight and hearty hug? And wide open smiles and your eyes sparkle just like the first rays in the early morning sun, and ready to face the day with an open arms, letting those positive winds enter your abode, and making yourself so bubbly because you feel so gentle, just a white feather floating in the air. Or you have the spark of light to start enveloping you with goodness and gratitude? Or feeling so blessed for whatever you have right now.

Or with so much clouds in your face, as if the whole problems in our society are loaded in your shoulders or so much negativity you have felt because your bucket’s list would not be completed because of some obstacles in life? Because of some shortcomings from your expectations? Or perhaps, you are so worried about yourself, that you might think what other people would say for failing to meet such kind of goals?

In this world of advanced technology when our lives are often railroaded with so many changes in our daily lives; with many negative news or mostly faked news affecting our daily chores. We do feel the impact of so many negative forces around us, and without strong faith in God, we might be defeated and succumbed to the toxicity of our surroundings.

In the coming of the Christmas season, we have to be thankful for giving us the positive forces which drive us to enjoy the blessings we have had. At Christmas time, it is the time to have the best of everything which would make you much happier. The sharing and giving at Christmas time is the true spirit of sharing the blessings; and the act of giving with unconditional love.

The celebration of the Birth of the Son of God, Jesus is pure joy, fully a positive spirit to enable us to define who we are, and what we are in the face of the Lord and of our brothers and sisters. We place ourselves in the presence of the Child Jesus who was born in a manger and visited by shepherds and the Three Magi, and the whole heaven celebrated His birth, full of unending grace, and the Star of Bethlehem had lightened the whole world of the Promise of Pure Joy.
Let us celebrate Christmas with pure joy. And only the happy people whose positive outlook in life is a blissful playing field of recognizing that all of us are the children of God. And by sharing our blessings; and giving our true love to others we then enjoy our lives in the presence of God.

Truly, Christmas is joy!

From our family, from the FJ management, we are wishing our advertisers, our readers, and our supporters the pure joy of Christmas!

“Gloria in excelsis Deo”