QPAM’s Christmas Party celebrates family tradition

QPAM’s Christmas Party celebrates family tradition

The Officers and members of the Quezon Province Association of Manitoba held their annual Christmas party recently at Filipino Seniors Hall, a time to celebrate the family tradition of sharing food and giving gifts. And because this year’s annual “Christmas Carolling” will be not held, the QPAM Choir performed their usual Christmas Carols with gusto, opening the hearts of the officers, members and advisers to give the “Pamasko” in form of cheques and cash.

The children and young adults were excited when Santa Claus, from his gift-giving trip, arrived and greeted the children with the usual Ho-Ho-Ho! Children gathered around him and had photo op amidst the smiles, the cries, and “fear to- this- big -red- man with long white beard”. Some prizes were awarded to the game winners. Everyone enjoyed the food, potluck style, and the warm camaraderie was on the air, as the Christmas songs were played.

“I have to thank our officers, advisers and members and guests for sharing our Christmas celebration,and to all those who gave “Pamasko” during our QPAM Choir’s Christmas Carol.” Maggie “Maan” Chan-Ubano, president of QPAM, said “From all of us, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

As the Christmas Party was being celebrated, way back home, in Southern Quezon, typhoon “Hagupit” a.k.a Ruby, was slashing some Quezon towns and helping our kababayans in Quezon was in the mind of the officers, advisers and members.

As a result, there will be a fundraising event as arranged by Jun Arquero:

Photos by Rod Cantiveros | Filipino Journal