We paid for moving pictures

We paid for moving pictures

Why invest in a videographer

This week, our videographer sent us the final cut of our wedding video.

My first reaction? That day was even better than I remember.

Next, I was overcome with a tingling sensation (what some like to refer to as “the feels”). I was tapping into some memories I didn’t fully immerse myself in six months ago.

There’s something overwhelming about watching your wedding get reworked into a beautifully packaged six-minute sequence.

Kevin and I always had our minds set on videotaping our wedding day. In fact, we could make the argument that videographer is just as valuable (if not more so) than photography. Photos leave room for interpretation, while videos allow you to relive some of the most heightened moments of your life.
Here are a few tips on getting the best videographer package for capturing those special moments:

•Meet with different vendors. Much like photographers, every videography company has a different style and personality. Find someone who shares the same vision as you do, and makes you feel comfortable in front of a camera.
•Think about what you want the final product to look like. Do you want short snippets of the entire wedding? Do you hope the videographer can tell a specific story about yours and your spouse’s relationship? Do you want it to feel like a movie or music video? Take a look at the vendor’s portfolio to find out how well they can translate your ideas.
•Know your options. Some people are satisfied with a simple and short video featuring their wedding highlights, but there’s a wide array of extras you can request from your videographer. These options include: teaser trailers for before the wedding day, same-day edits to show during the reception, condensed edits of the entire day and raw footage.
•Don’t forget about the music! If you have any special requests for background music or vocals, make sure your videographer is well aware of what you’d like to hear. Editing is a time-consuming process, and this will ensure the song choice syncs perfectly with the video sequence.

Fancy checking out our wedding video? You can find it on Vimeo: vimeo.com/114462060.