Paolo Contis Brushes Off Romance Rumors with Arra San Agustin

(@official_arrapaolo) Source: TikTok

Rumors are swirling around Eat Bulaga! co-hosts Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin after a TikTok video of the two raised eyebrows among netizens. In the video, Paolo kissed Arra on the forehead, leading many to question if there was more to their relationship.

Paolo Contis, however, downplayed the speculation, explaining that the kiss was part of a sketch they were performing on the show. He urged everyone to tune in to the episode that aired on November 1, 2023, featuring the scene.

This is not the only TikTok video that has fueled speculation, as several other episodes depict the two in sweet interactions, prompting some even to christen them the “PaoRa” love team.

While the pair has their share of fans, Paolo confirmed that there are no plans to officially pair them up in a love team on Eat Bulaga!. Despite the ongoing speculation, the videos they share are a hit, garnering significant views on TikTok.

Paolo remains quite busy with various projects in both TV and film, ensuring his visibility and income. Whether or not their on-screen chemistry helps boost Eat Bulaga!’s ratings, it’s clear that their interactions have captured the attention of many viewers.

Arra San Agustin, who has been in showbiz for quite some time, previously joined the StarStruck reality competition and has had various roles in teleseryes.