Oh My Gimli

Cyslists (L-R): Agapito, Tristan, Ed, Dennis, Reijl, Eric Baet, Dave, Eric Bernardo, Louie, Ato, Johnny, Tito, Antonio, Camillo. Photo by Camillo. Clandeboye General Store on the way to Gimli.

The Padyakers Winnipeg Biking group members hit the highway with Gimli, Manitoba as their weekend destination. The Gimli ride marked one of the final group rides after a busy spring and summer biking season for many.

The ride was a great way to get in some exercise and also see the beautiful Manitoba landscape that we are lucky enough to live in. Everyone who participated is looking forward to their next adventure together!

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Eric Bernardo

Johnny Liban

Eric Baet

Tito Sarmiento