QPAM Sari Sari Store

Photo by Maggie Urbano-Chan

QPAM Presents a Traditional icon in the Philippines…..

​As you walk through the streets in the Philippines you will often come across a Sari Sari Store.

Sari Sari means variety or everything. It is a family run business usually managed by the mother of the house with the sole purpose of augmenting the income of the family. The store usually carries the basic goods such as canned goods, rice, noodles, condiments, Vegetables, candies etc. even household cleaning materials, basic medicines and alcoholic beverages. The best thing about the sari sari store is that you can buy commodities in small quantities or what we called “tingi”. These stores are big part of the Filipino community since they are often attached to the front of the owner’s house. The store also serves as gathering place for the community, a place where we can take breaks, listen to stories and catch up with the latest news and gossips.

Photo by Bryan Mesias