OFSAM celebrates Christmas

OFSAM celebrates Christmas

Led by Ms. Letty Duque Antonio, president of OFSAM, the annual Christmas Party was held recently at FILCASA’s Luzon Hall.

With her officers and members and guests, the Christmas was celebrated with gift-giving and sharing the food, giving thanks to the continuous grace given by our Lord.

Seniors love to dance and this enhances their creative aging, making them more mobile and have more freedom to do the best they can.

During the gift giving ceremony, the Seniors formed a circle. Music followed and when the music stopped, the Seniors on the opposite side would exchange gift at the middle of the circle, to the delight of the giver and the receiver.

The November. December and January 2015 birthday celebrants include Pablo Cuaresma, Felix Tagumpay, Remy Lumbang, Rodencio Visda and Hilaria Calo.

Photos by Rod Cantiveros | FIlipino Journal