Nakatikim Ka Na Ba ng Kafantopi?

Nakatikim Ka Na Ba ng Kafantopi?

(Part 2: Australian and East Indian)

If you’re sick and tired of eating the same or similar dishes, then it’s time to explore the cuisines of other cultures. You’re lucky; you live in Winnipeg—a very multicultural city—where diverse restaurants and other dining places abound. All you need to do is, explore places outside your comfort zone.
Here are two restaurants in the city that you might want to check out.
Billabong Australian Bar & Bistro (121 Osborne St.)

If you’re gastronomically adventurous, you really ought to check out this restaurant as soon as you have the chance. I highly recommend Barbecued Kangaroo (with fried quail eggs and some vegetables); Kangaroo Tacos (thinly sliced barbecued kangaroo with chili dressing in crispy shells); and Sydney Rocks Yum Cha (alligator dim sum, barramundi spring rolls, and shark wonton). Of course, there are also common items in the menu—like fish, calamari, prawn, and vegetable platter—but I think you can say that you’ve tried authentic Australian cuisine only when you’ve had kangaroo or alligator. Check the rest of the menu:
Charisma of India (83 Sherbrook St.)

Among the number of Indian restaurants in Winnipeg that we’ve dined at, Charisma of India stood out—appropriate interior design, relaxing atmosphere, and of course, authentic East Indian dishes. My favorites, which you might also enjoy in some Friday evenings, include Tandoori Chicken, Goat Curry, Goat Vindaloo, and Lamb Curry. Also, if you’re interested for a really entertaining dinner, visit on the second Friday of the month, when the sitar artist Joshua Stanton with guest musicians performs Hindustani music. Check the rest of the menu:

Sa Madaling Salita
Huwag mong ikulong ang iyong panlasa sa putahe ng iyong kultura at sa mga pagkaing iyong nakasanayan. Paminsan-minsan, subukan mo namang tikman ang kultura ng iba.

Or, in Simple Words
Don’t confine your taste buds within the cuisines of your own culture and with foods you’re accustomed to. Once in a while, explore and try something new; taste the foods of other cultures.