Miss Universe PH runway challenge dominated by Cebu’s Steffi Aberasturi

Image screengrab from YouTube/Empire Philippines

Cebu province representative Steffi Aberasturi in Miss Universe Philippines dominates the top spot in the beauty pageant’s runway challenge. On a part of the under-construction Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, she astonished her fans when she threw on various black dresses in a runway video.

Model Maureen Wroblewitz and actress Kisses Delavin, who previously placed first in the pageant’s headshot and introduction video challenges, were also included in the top three. This is the first time Aberasturi claimed the top spot in a Miss Universe Philippines challenge; this is the third.

The Miss Universe Philippines Organization congratulated the delegates and their respective creative teams. We will continue to see them go through a series of challenges to determine who will advance further into the competition in which will trim the roster until only 30 delegates remain. The coronation will be on September 25, 2021, where we can see all final candidates live.