Zach Ignacio: Running in Her Blood and through Her Veins

In the 1990s, the band Alamid was one of the forerunners of Philippine Alternative Rock music, with the late Gary Ignacio as frontman and eventually his younger brother Gail as drummer. After the heyday of their band, performing countless concerts locally and abroad and releasing albums and chart-topping singles including “Your Love” and “Sama-sama,” Gail and his family ultimately decided to immigrate to Winnipeg in the early 2010s. However, Gail’s musical journey did not end there. Once settled, he embarked on drumming for many local Filipino-Canadian bands as well as producing shows that featured both Philippine imports and Winnipeg’s own talents.

However, one of Gail’s greatest achievements, both as a seasoned musician and as a doting parent, was his having bequeathed to one of his children his love for music and performing. And not just that. His talented daughter who developed a knack for singing and performing since she was five years old, obviously taking after her late uncle and her dad, has just signed a recording contract with Star Music. Will soon be releasing her first single, titled “Dáhan-dáhan,” the personable budding artist is also hoping to ultimately work on her debut full-length record–of not only R-n-B-stylized renditions of her favorite songs but also her personally written compositions.

The driven and vibrant singer who cites as musical influences the likes of Ariana Grande, Daniel Caesar, Moira dela Torre, and Ben & Ben has been preparing for much of her life; thus, she’s certainly ready to rock the stage and reach for the stars in the world of Pop music. And luckily for her, Dad Gail and Mom Winnie are more than happy to support their family’s pride till she fulfills her long-time dream.

Let’s all welcome: Zach Ignacio, future Popstar and the new pride of Winnipeg’s Filipino community.

Photos by Alex Canlapan