Metro Manila single ticketing system finally approved

Photo source: MMDA

After over 20 years, Metro Manila will be adopting the single ticketing system after it has been approved by the Metro Manila Council (MMC) last February 1, 2023.

Seventeen Metro Manila mayors approved Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Resolution No. 23-02 which outlines the Metro Manila Traffic Code of 2023.

According to MMC Chairman and San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora, the local government units of Metro Manila are given until the 15th of March to pass their respective ordinances regarding the order. They are also targeting that the single ticketing system will be in effect by April.

Zamora said that the single ticketing system will greatly help motorists as they will no longer need to go to city hall to redeem their license because of traffic violations. They can pay the fine wherever they are in the Philippines. The fines for violations will also be standardized and the rates will be the same across the cities, as further shared by Zamora.