Manitobans Urged to Watch Out for Wild Pig Threatening the Region

To control the population of invasive wild pigs in western Manitoba, Squeal on Pigs Manitoba has issued a “Wanted” poster for an aggressive male Eurasian wild boar that has been causing concerns for the past two years. This local organization, funded by the Manitoba Pork Council and federal and provincial governments, would like the public’s help capturing this bold and fearless wild pig spotted around Wawanesa and Alexander.

Unlike most wild pigs, this particular boar displays an audacious demeanor, often appearing in daylight and near populated areas. Wild pigs are known to carry diseases that pose a threat to farm livestock, damage crops, and contaminate water sources. Despite their destructive nature, their high reproduction rates have led to a growing population.

Squeal on Pigs Manitoba is actively trapping or hunting wild pigs to mitigate their impact, with 2022 removing 122 wild pigs from the province. While efforts are underway to control the wild pig population, experts emphasize that immediate action is necessary to prevent further devastation.

Residents are encouraged to report wild pig sightings at or by calling 1-833-SPOT-PIG (1-833-776-8744).