Making ‘A Million Dreams’ come true

Making ‘A Million Dreams’ come true

by Ivy Lopez Sarmiento

Fulfilling a lifelong dream of sharing her singing talent for a good cause, Dr. Tricia Magsino Barnabe graced approximately 1500 people with her beautiful voice at ‘A Million Dreams’, a benefit concert for ANCOP, which was held at the new Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 7 and 8, 2019.

Dr. Tricia Magsino Barnabe was accompanied by local performing arts groups Stellae Voces, Highlights Performing Group and Leilani Aloha Dancers. An ensemble of about 50 talented Winnipeg singers and dancers got everyone in the holiday spirit and reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas – sharing of ourselves to those who most need our help.

“Today we are here to share a little of ourselves, to inspire you to give of yourselves in any way that you can, with the goal to raise funds to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless in the Philippines. And, by giving them the opportunity to have an education, we want to make their lives better, give them hope, and help make their dreams come true,” said Dr. Tricia
With 100% of the concert proceeds and 50% of the mini fashion show proceeds featuring designers Dante Aviso, Sandy Buenaseda and Victoria San Gabriel showcasing Philippine indigenous custom-designed clothing going to ANCOP Canada, this wonderful heartfelt event has indeed answered the dreams of many poor children and families in the Philippines and around the world.

Thank you to Dr. Tricia Magsino Barnabe and her family, as well as all the organizers and sponsors of the event including Mr. Larry and Tova Vickar and the Vickar Automotive Group for making A Million Dreams come true!

Photos by Noni Manalili