Local stars’ memorable dining experience with ‘Bourne’ cast

Local stars’ memorable dining experience with ‘Bourne’ cast

Model-TV host Phoemela Barranda and actress Iza Calzado recently got their experience of a lifetime when they were among the lucky few who were invited to have dinner with the “Bourne Legacy” cast.

According to Barranda her good friend, Cristalle Belo – product development and marketing head of Belo Essentials, invited her to have dinner with Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz. Thus Barranda was not only allowed a glimpse of the famous Hollywood stars but was able to actually share a conversation with the duo.

The dinner was held at Abe, a Filipino restaurant in consideration to the Hollywood stars’ wish to taste more of the local cuisine.

Barranda recalled that both stars ate their rice with gusto and enjoyed most of the local food served. Both also expressed enthusiasm to visit more interesting places while they’re in the country until February.

For her part, Calzado said she was starstruck upon meeting Renner and Weisz and added she was greatly honored to be in their presence.