Homeschooling Chronicles: Of Fractions, Body Systems & World Leaders

Kumustá na ang mga magúlang na piníling silá na múna ang magturò sa kaniláng mga anák sa ligtás na kalagáyan ng kaniláng tahánan? Anú-anó na ang mga aralín at gawáing inyóng ginawá pára sa inyóng mga estudyánte?

*Creativity and Resourcefulness Help a Lot*
In one of our sessions, we started off with Math, briefly touching on Fraction and its parts (numerator, denominator, and the fraction bar).

For Social Studies, I introduced to my son some world leaders or characters who played significant roles in the world’s history. I used our book Shaping History: 100 Great Leaders from Antiquity to the Present (2004) by Brian Mooney. We talked about the likes of Jose Rizal, Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, Alexander the Great, Andew Carnegie, and Bill Gates.

After reading the articles about those persons in the book, we then watched on YouTube short videos highlighting the achievements of each.

For Science, we did a recap of a previous lesson–selected systems of the human body; watching “How the System Works” for each on YouTube helped a lot in further explaining and illustrating to my son the organs associated with the systems, as well as their respective functions.

Then, on the day that followed, I decided for us to go on a “field trip.” We went to The Forks, where a statue of Gandhi is located. It boosted Evawwen’s interest in learning about him.

We were supposed to proceed to a park near Manila Road in the Maples area, to visit the monument of Rizal; but rain began to fall, so we decided to call it a day; after all, it was already past 5 p.m.

We then went home but not before driving by McDonald’s and buying a Marvel Legends action figure for my son’s collection. Well, he deserved something. He had been quite cooperative and engaging in our learning sessions, at least for the most part of it.

The Last Leaf
Homeschooling could be really challenging and tiring to both the parent acting as teacher to his young student child. However, to observe that his kid is indeed absorbing so much knowledge and to see that his prepared lessons are being learned and appreciated, the whole process could be very rewarding and fulfilling to the patient parent.