A homecoming visit of Judith Fernando

A homecoming visit of Judith Fernando

After a successful singing engagement in Winnipeg four years ago…

After a successful concert by the Koro Bulakenyo in 2014, the lingering sounds and voices still remain in our senses. The performance is cultural celebrations of our heritage and considered unforgettable. Their songs and dances with a spark of drama and humour seems to invite more encores of the never-ending song and dance favorites.

Judith Fernando,one of the leading members of Koro Bulakenyo, now known as Sing Bulacan Chorale, visited Winnipeg recently to rekindle the spark of friendship wielded when she managed and performed with the group in Winnipeg. And she was welcomed by her host, Clarita Ortega Nazaro. And a special guest of MLA Jon Gerard and Naomi,his wife.

The Nazario family has become her adopted family while touring the city, She attended many events and she met many kababayans in the community. Her visit in Winnipeg opens an opportunity for possible performance by Sing Bulacan Chorale in the coming years.

About her visit to Winnipeg, Judith says: “Winnipeg is my second home even I’ve been here for only twice and just for a couple of weeks.It’s the warm welcome and hospitality of the people that made my stay extra special and memorable.

The snow and the cold weather made me feel young again and enlightened me that good opportunities are not just for the young but for everyone who has dreams and high hopes.”

The Sing Bulacan Chorale plans to hold a comeback concert in Winnipeg and other cities in a year or two.