Hé Ho! Bon festival!

Hé Ho! Bon festival!

You may have seen my billboards driving down Portage Ave, Dugald Ave and the Disraeli Bridge. I must admit that I’m hiding behind a fake mustache and bushy beard but that’s me! I was extremely honoured when the Festival du Voyageur asked me if I wanted to be part of their marketing campaign. When first asked, I simply said yes thinking that we would repeat our promotion of the winter festival to our the readers of the Filipino Journal, host several groups at Fort Gibraltar and give away several day passes. When it was explained that I would be on the billboards and posters across the province, I didn’t hesitate and said, “Oui, oui, oui!”

There are three billboards in Winnipeg – northbound on Portage Ave at Wall, eastbound on Dugald at Terracon Place and northbound on before the Disraeli Bridge. There’s a fourth billboard in Portage La Prairie, which I plan on driving out to see for myself.

Just like our love of Folklorama during the summer, I love the events and festivities that surround Festival du Voyageur in February. This year is the 43rd edition of Festival du Voyageur and runs from February 17 to 26 with the main festival site at Fort Gibraltar and Voyageur Park in St. Boniface. The opening celebrations are set for Friday, February 17th with an outdoor show filled with music, dance and fire.

This festival is focused on music. There will be more than 235 shows and over 300 hours of music including Fred Penner, Little Miss Higgins, Men in Kilts and many more! Voyageur Park is a large winter playground for the entire family with a snow maze, slides, sleigh rides and even a free snowshoe workshop!
Make sure to join the Filipino Journal and the rest of the entire community as we celebrate “joie de vivre” or the joy of living as we discover the inner voyageur in all of us!

Filipino Journal Day at Festival du Voyageur is on Saturday, February 25th. Visit FilipinoJournal.com for complete details.