GMA’s “I Can See You: #Future” Describes Social Media Misuse Consequences

With the internet practically a way of life now, does being a viral sensation make you the best influencer? What is at stake when you are hailed as the darling of social media?

Follow this story of a man whose life was never the same after getting a glimpse of his future in the second episode of the sci-fi romance series, “I Can See You: #Future.”

Leading the cast are the reunited stars, Miguel Tanfelix as Vinchie Torres, an aspiring segment producer who finds himself with the ability to see the future via CCTV footage and Kyline Alcantara as Lara Dacer, whose life connects with Vinchie as a link to the cause of her depression.

Also part of the series are veteran artists, Aiko Melendez as Mechie Torres, mother of Vinchie, Gabby Eigenman as Elvin Torres, Vinchie’s father.

Supporting cast in line are Mikoy Morales as Royce, Lara‘s ex-boyfriend, Dani Porter as Analyn Fuentes, Lara’s best friend; Jmee Katanyag as Kakai, Menchie’s friend and Francis Mata as Walter, Charlie’s boss.

I Can See You: #Future’ is directed by Dominic Zapata and airs abroad at GMA’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV. For the program guide, visit