DOH records over 200 firecracker injuries for 2023

Photo source: The STAR / Walter Bollozos

As of January 5, there are 291 firecracker-related injuries according to reports by the Department of Health.

Death due to fireworks remained at zero. A stray bullet injury was recorded in Metro Manila.

“These were 55 percent higher compared to 2021 (186 cases) but eight percent lower compared to the five-year average (313 cases) during the same time period,” it said in its latest surveillance report on firecracker-related injuries.

Metro Manila remains to have the most cases of injury. According to the DOH, 231 of those injured were male; 56 percent were injured while on the street; and 42 percent were injured while inside their homes.

The DOH added that 17 percent were reportedly under the influence of alcohol when they got injured.