Dimples Romana Shares Insights on Angel Locsin and Neil Arce’s Private Life

Actress Dimples Romana recently shared some details about the private lives of Angel Locsin and Neil Arce. Angel is taking a break from showbiz and has been relatively inactive on her social media platforms.

In an interview with the media, Dimples mentioned that she had recently spent time with her close friend, Angel. According to Dimples, Angel appears to be very happy and adds, “She’s happy. I saw her a few days ago. So, I saw her before the launch, and then I saw her again. They love each other, you know.”

When asked about Angel’s potential return to showbiz, Dimples suggested that it might not happen anytime soon, saying, “It doesn’t seem like it. I can see that they are enjoying their time together.”

Dimples humorously noted that she often teases the couple about spending most of their time in their bedroom, joking that their air conditioning must be especially good in there.

As for rumors of a breakup, Dimples dismissed them, stating that it’s not something they discuss. She playfully added, “They don’t even leave their room to break up.”