Always Be Prepared for a Literary Counterattack

Always Be Prepared for a Literary Counterattack

(On Being Openminded and Emotionally Strong in This Cyberworld)

Marami akong kakilala na nasa Facebook na mahilig mag-post ng iba’t ibang uri ng hinaing at sentimyento. Okey lang ’yan. Walang masama r’yan. Subalit dapat ay wag silang masyadong mapikon sa mga kontra-komento ng kanilang mga kaibigan o kakilala sa Facebook, dahil ang Facebook ay isang publikong plataporma.

Once you expressed something in public—whether on a social-media platform such as Facebook or in a real-life conversation–whether it’s your wall or turf or not—but because such postings get into the newsfeed of people on your FB friends list or you inadvertently include others in the conversation, then your sentiments or whatever expressions become open to comments, criticisms, disagreements or agreements, or accolades.

Meaning, anyone is now free to express her agreement, disagreement, or countercomment, even if only for the purpose of discourse and sharing different perspectives.

After all, let’s admit it—every time we express something, we expect a reaction. But we have to remember that the reality though is, not all reactions will be favorable or parallel to our sentiments. There will be disagreements and even counterattacks! We should be prepared for all that. It’s for our personal refinement in the end.

Anyway, don’t you want an open and free discussion? That’s how ideas develop. Every eureka moment is a hit or miss, trial and error, verify and validate, confess and confirm, or a collaborative process involving various minds.

If you are easily offended or too sensitive to take a disagreement against whatever you have said, then I could imagine you were one of those who never or rarely participated in class discussions during Philosophy or Logic class in university or even in Theology class in high school.

At the end of a discourse, knowledge is power and composure is a shield.

Sa Madaling Salita

Sa sandaling magpahayagka ng iyong nasasaloob sa isang publikong pamamaraan na gaya ng Facebook na isang social-media platform, e dapat maging handa ka sa kasiguraduhang makatatanggap ka rin ng iba’t ibang pananaw at opinion ukol sa paksang iyong ipinahayag sa iyong pahina sa Facebook, na natatanggap at maaaring mabasa ng iyong mga ka-Facebook.

Kung matapang kang maghayag ng iyong mga hinaing at sentimyento sa publiko, e dapat matibay rin ang dibdib mong makatanggap ng samu’t saring komento, opinion, at pananaw.