A News Release to All Anglers

A News Release to All Anglers

Attention All Anglers,

The Lockport Community Marketing Corporation (LCMC) is now planning to put on the 2015 Lockport Tagged Catfish Contest during the month of June 2015. As Chairman of the Contest I’m very happy to fill you in on some of the main details pertaining to this year’s inaugural Contest.

1. The Contest will run from Saturday, May 30th, until Sunday, June 28th. That is a 5 weekend long Fishing Contest.

2. The Entry Fee will be $20.00 and the event is open to all anglers. Youths under 17 and Seniors 65 and over must also pay the $20.00 entry fee.

3. The cash values of our 10 tagged channel catfish will be as follows:

5 Tags will be $500;
1 Tag will be $1,000;
1 Tag will be $1,500;
1 Tag will be $2,000;
1 Tag will be $2,500;
1 Tag will be $5,000.

The Total Tag Value will be $14,500.

4. 5 channel catfish of all sizes will be tagged just prior to the start of the Contest and 5 more catfish will be tagged some day during the second week of June.

5. The Cash Values of each tag will be placed in envelopes and stored in a safe.
When an angler turns in a tag with proper picture verification on either a cell phone, iPhone, or digital camera, the envelope with that tag number will be opened and the claimant will learn how much money he or she has won. That winner’s name will be
announced on the radio, in newspapers, and on well known Fishing Websites such as kickerfish.ca, Facebook, and the Manitoba Fishing Forum.

6. Only 1,500 Entry Tickets will be printed and we hope to have all our tickets sold during May and June. Our Ticket Sales Deadline will be Saturday, June 27th, at 6:00 p.m.

7. Our Ticket Sales Outlets in Lockport, Selkirk, the Interlake, Winnipeg, and other southern Manitoba locations will soon be announced on our Catfish Contest
Posters and Information Pamphlets. We are still looking for a few more ticket sales location in Winnipeg.

8. Anglers who are interested in selling our tickets for us will receive a gratuity of $20 for every book of tickets they sell.

9. Entrants may fish in boats or from the shore. Our 10 channel catfish will be caught, tagged, and released in the Red River in various locations between Lockport and Selkirk. Entrants may fish on the Red River, Netley Creek, Devil’s Creek, and Cook’s Creek. In the event that some of our tagged catfish swim upstream through of the St. Andrews Locks, entrants may fish for our tagged catfish on the Red River in Winnipeg and also on the Assiniboine River.

10. All tagged catfish must be caught by rod and reel in order for contest entrants to be eligible to win a Cash Prize. Commercial fishing nets, big hand held nets, and fish traps may not be used by entrants.

11. Anglers who derive all or part of their living from catching channel catfish or other game fish, i.e. professional fishing guides, are not eligible to compete in the contest. However, if any of their clients purchase an entry ticket prior to going on their guided fishing trip they are eligible to fish in the contest and win a cash prize if they catch one of our 10 tagged catfish.

12. Anglers registered in the contest must produce a picture of them holding the Tagged Catfish as well as a close up picture of the tag attached to the catfish next to the dorsal fin and their Entry Ticket right next to the tag. Both those pictures must be shown to a contest official at the time the claimant turns in his or her tag at Skinner’s Hwy 44.

In order to make this first time Tagged Fishing Contest a big success, the Contest Organizers encourage all catfish anglers to purchase their Entry Ticket well before the Contest Opening Date, Saturday, May 30th. Your support is counted on by the Lockport Community Marketing Corporation (LCMC). All funds raised by the contest will go towards Lockport Community Projects and other Initiatives.

For more information on our upcoming Lockport Tagged Catfish Contest please call Contest Chairman, Dan Sernyk, at 204-668-5831 Home or 204-612-9379 Cell. Dan will also have many books of Entry Tickets for sale at his home in North Kildonan.