“2019 Federal Election,” political Soap Opera, is now streaming into our consciousness

The 2019 Federal Election was an exercise of what democracy means, but at the end, after the balloons were busted and the food leftovers were dusted into the bins, and after the window and the lawn signs were gathered for safe keeping for a possible election within two years, the streaming drama continues, giving a bit of fresh air to the Western Separatism, led by a man, Peter Downing, from Alberta, the province of oil and gas!

And the fallout is serious, making more twists and turns on the political drama endangering country’s unity and ethnic diversity. And in this political mayhem, there are more villains than heroes!

The Western provinces, namely, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with a combined total of 11,089,522 souls ( 2016 census) would be strong enough to stand as one country, making the other provinces as neighboring countries for trading partners.

The Albertans are fuming that the Conservative did not win in spite of its popular vote and this led to the re-election of Justin Trudeau, leaving him as the Prime Minister managing a minority government, as if swimming among the sharks and crocodiles.

Fuming that their horse did not win the political race and who, for them, would erase the most dreaded carbon tax; and presto, with the magic wand of Andrew Scheer, the gas pipeline would be in place in spite of the distractions made by the indigenous people and too emotional environmentalists? As if their man as the Prime Minister of Canada, the Alberta oil and gas would pump another billions to make their lives back to normalcy? For Scheer having the prime minister, the glory of the olden days are back to a province without any provincial tax imposed to the Albertans.

For the Albertan conservatives, Scheer had all the advantage to win, without thinking that Maxime Bernier would not “steal” the votes from other sensitive conservatives. Trudeau’s scandal ridden party, “the black painted face,”and other weaknesses attached to this young and popular hunk.

But the gypsy had been looking from her crystal ball before the election time. Trudeau and Scheer, neck and neck! Singh was the rising star inspite of some old NDPs moving away from their traditional party for some reasons or another. Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader, moved faster to get more editorial lineage and tv hours and social media exposure. And the People’s Party was a newbie party to catch the attention of the voters outside Quebec; and Bloc Quebecois, fully protecting their political bastion in Quebec.

But behind the crystal ball, the gypsy did not foresee some hidden treasures in the political trunk of the Liberals: the province of Ontario where most of the Ontarians dislike their Premier Doug Ford. Yes, the Conservatives have difficulty turning the Province into a blue colour! The gypsy was so quiet by the stronghold of the Liberals in Quebec! What else can you expect, the young and iconic Justin Trudeau is from Quebec and his dad, the late Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau has still definitive roots in this French quarter! The last but not the least, some strong satellites of Liberals in Manitoba played a major rule in this election, to make the province of Manitoba to be represented by a diversified Members of Parliament elected, although, the province had gained to widen the blue area!

And the aftermath of this 34th Federal election is the rise of Western separatism, the WEXIT movement. And to go further, recently, this group behind this political movement has applied to become a federal party. As Peter Downing, the man behind the movement, as reported by CTV said: “We’re sending is over 500 signatures, over double the required 250 signatures. We’re going to do for Western Canada what the Bloc Quebecois does for Quebec.”

And as reported by CTV, Downing , as the founder of WEXIT movement in Alberta, aimed the three keys of the proposed federal political party: 1) the unification of the western Canadian provinces, elect members of parliament to legislate issues the direct impact the west, and to “bring Western Canadian nations to the national forefront.”

Such a big dream!

But some stumbling blocks have been eroding the dream: Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister does not want to discuss the separation issue; and when Premier Jason Kenny was approached to legislate the referendum on separation, the Conservative Premier did not reply; and most of the political strategies and pundits have the same foresight: time consuming, complicated; the re-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to meet all those leaders to discuss issues and concerns which triggered the rise of separatism.

So exciting to watch and see the next streaming: the opening of the Parliament, probably by early 2020!

And because Bloc Quebecois is resurrected; and the NDP lost a party status; and Andrew Scheer, the would be Prime Minister, would be surging like a wounded soldier, intense political drama will be the narrative of the continuing opera.

Watch it for your delight!

And it will be egregious!