Winnipeg Sikaran Academy: the home of champions!

Winnipeg Sikaran Academy: the home of champions!

Lynlyn and Angela Igne, Miley Carino win the coveted title at the World Karate and Kickboxing Championship in Dublin, Ireland

In Martial arts sport, three is more than a company of champions and this has been shown by the three Sikaran athletes who bested many other contestants from the various countries during the World Karate and Kickboxing Championship held in Dublin, Ireland.

The three students, namely, Lynlyn Igne, Lee Angela Igne and Miley Carino, of the Winnipeg Sikaran Academy had participated for the first time and through their dedication and passion for martial arts, they won the coveted titles.

Lee Angela won the World’s Silver medal in the Creative Weapons and also ranked as the 5th Best in Creative Weapon Forms.

Her sister, Lynlyn bested as the 5th Best Fighter in the World for the Point Sparring and ranked also as the 7th Best in Creative Weapons.

Another young female student, Miley Carino won the World’s Bronze Medal in the traditional Hard Style Forms and another Bronze Medal for the Creative Weapon Form.

Canada Team is the largest delegation second only to the host Country, Ireland.

When asked how she felt when she was to receive the Silver Medal, Lee Angela said: “As I was walking onto the stage to stand on the podium and to receive my silver medal, I felt accomplished and honoured to have represented my country Canada and that I have done it well. I felt that all my dedication and hardwork in training at our gym really paid off.”

Lynlyn’s advice for those who have plans to join world tournament: “My advice for people who want to to the world’s tournament is train your hardest, never give up and fight through the pain and fight for it.”

Lynlyn and Lee Angela Igne are the daughters of Redentor Igne and Kelly Legaspi; and Miley Carino is the daughter of Gil and Jam Carino.