The sixties are the new fourties

The biblical age is seventy, and according to some doctors if you are a strong seventy you will reach eighty. And each year added to eighty is bonus. Imelda Marcos is 89 years old will face the court because of her conviction by the Sandiganbayan, and at the same time will be in the hustings in the forthcoming polls. How about that for an 89? Juan Ponce Enrile is in his mid-nineties. And if wins he will be in the Guinness for being a member of the senate as a centenarian. Malaysia’s Mahatir, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, Alfredo Lim and our very own President Rodrigo Duterte supposedly are past their prime, yet to this day are still very active. It must be true to many people now with advanced calendar age that ‘life begins at fourty’. And that the sixties are the new fourties. Age is only a number really. I can speak for myself that being in the seventies, I can claim am still active in many things. I can still perform. I can still write. I conduct a TV show, I package business deals, etc etc.

With fellow senior citizens, I can relate with them though I have much much younger friends at Monday Club and Wednesday Club, two fellowship groups which I attend regularly. When I am with a senior citizen groups big laughs always explode alleged sex exploits become the topic. Everyone has a story to tell. It is an excuse to be a doubting Thomas, but never voice your disagreement. And each time a pretty lass is passing the DOMs (darling old men) can’t be restrained in their most malicious looks.

Just to repeat, a sociologist will tell you that most men, poor and rich in their prime enjoyed drinking, having chicks on the side, and may have played cards, went to watch cockfighting derbies or enjoyed betting at the casinos.

But somehow, as one grow older, the doctors will advise you to stop drinking. Your fatty liver is already a cause for concern. You either lose your appetite to women or your ‘ Chuck Norris’ can no longer drill or can do the roundhouse, even with the help of viagra. You remember that joke about that famous general/ambassador who when asked if he can still keep it up with his American wife, he reportedly said ‘I still do it twice’… Someone made a retort, ‘isa sa tag-araw, isa sa tag-ulan'( One in summer and one during rainy season).

You are now disconnected with the thrill that sex has provided you over the years, but girl watching still feed the fantasy and can give you excitement even if you are at the edge of twilight years. I remember having this discussion during lunch break of a board meeting with then the late Chairman Roy Navarro, President Levi Laus, retired General Narciso Abaya, Budge Madamba, Benny Ricafort, Vic Yap and Jess Nicdao. Laughs filled the board room.

To women, particularly those young girls in skimpy shorts who were ‘victims’ of those dagger looks from the seniors who in their younger years they were the Valentinos, Casanovas and Don Juans, don’t be too offended. For all you know, you keep the older generation healthy and happy.

Editor’s Note: Formerly newspaperman of Daily Inquirer and other major dailies; former TV and radio Broadcaster. Former Director of various corporations like Clark Development Co.; and a former City of Angeles Councillor. Now a regular columnist of Sun Star Pampanga.