Who said travelling around the world is impossible at this pandemic age?

Photo credit: Rick Steve’s YouTube channel

With all the restrictions like closed border crossings and the limited air travels to the various tourist destinations, one would just wait for a vaccine to end of COVID-19, making yourself bored and depressed being isolated or being a prisoner at your own abode.

And if you are a person who loves to travel, you would think that by God’s grace, the 2021 travel fever will resume and go back to the normal way of enjoying the exotic food and relaxing as you take time to view the breathtaking scenery in Europe or in any world renowned tourist spots.

Hold on to your remote my friend and enjoy the many travelling videos in the internet, and like me with so much itch on getting out of the city or the country specially during summer, the many YouTube’s travelling series are so much to enjoy while munching on your favorite chips or drinking a hot steaming chocolate or a glass of wine at the comfort of your family room. Passport and custom inspection are non-existence. Just click the YouTube and presto, you will be in a joyride to view the scenery of your favorite tourist spot. And imagine the taste of the food being served!

One of the travelling series which has caught my interest is the Explore Europe by Rick Steves, best selling travel author and the host of Public Television’s Rick Steves’ Europe.

And what makes this travelling show different from others?

Rick Steves’ Europe is a learning experience for anyone who loves to see many places in Europe. Rich Steves is your total guide presenting not only the uniqueness of the food of the region but also the history of the place, citing the historical background of the many monuments and heritage sites. And while watching him walking or while eating at the restaurant or drinking in the bar, he is so engaged with people of the place and would give the cultural richness. The latest wonders I watched is when he visited Wales, one of four constituents of the United Kingdom. While most of the travel hosts would just focus their travelogue within the city proper, Rick Steves goes further and discovers many new sites and learns more about its history. Rick Steves has traveled to the very cities and far flung places in England, Scandinavia, France, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, name it and Rich Steves has gone deeper into the historical and cultural narratives of the place. I do feel as if I was with him listening and engaging with his passion.

Now, I’ve been able to learn more the uniqueness of so many cultural and historical highlights of the featured city or country without leaving your home.

There are other travelling shows in YouTube like Mike Weins, the famous food vloggers whose interest is Asian food; or the local travelling with Drew Arellano of GMA-7, or the Bizarre Food expedition of Andrew Zimmern.

Now that we are heading to the winter season when you cannot even go out to visit a local tourist spot, travel YouTube series are your best escape.