What’s in a date?

What’s in a date?

A pinay’s guide to planning your big day

Dates are significant. They can mark the beginning of a life, a major moment in history, or – in the case of a wedding – an anniversary.

Your wedding date coordinates with a tiny little box on your calendar you hope to smile fondly at. It’s one of the first things you decide on after getting engaged, and a celebration you’ll look forward to every year for the rest of your life.

How does one choose the perfect wedding date? Here are a few factors to consider:

•Prior history. Maybe you want your wedding to fall on the same day you met your man or woman to be. Maybe it’s the birthdate of your first child. Or maybe you’re just a little superstitious and really like the numbers three and seven. Some people choose to match their timelines with a day that was previously significant. The benefit to planning with this in mind is that your anniversary will be that much harder to forget.

•Weather. Have you always imagined yourself as a spring bride? Or, perhaps, you’ve dreamed about that sunshiny summer wedding. It’s important to pick the right season to match your grand vision. Also, check out the historic forecast for the date in question. It helps to avoid times that are susceptible to rainclouds or snowstorms.

•Day of the week. Weddings generally fall on weekends. Brunches can be work on Sundays, and dinner and dancing best takes place at the end of the week. But don’t let tradition limit your options! You can certainly choose a weekday, but this comes with stipulations. Weekdays require extra notice, as many guests will need to book the day off. Don’t forget to write the day of the week on your save-the-dates and invitations, just in case some guests may forget to check when it falls on.

•Destination. Sights set on tying the knot abroad? Give your guests extra notice, and choose a time of the year that doesn’t coincide with a thousand other things (think holidays and school year). People also plan vacations around summer and winter, so try not to make them choose between you and a highly-anticipated getaway.

My husband and I chose a beautiful Friday in July that fell a few days before his birthday. It’s especially easy to remember because it also happens to be on American Independence Day. Historically, the weather was forgiving and it turned out to be a quieter time of the year for many of our friends and families, both at work and in their personal lives. With a little consideration and planning, it was an ideal recipe for an unforgettable wedding day.