A magical night with the RWB Nutcracker

A magical night with the RWB Nutcracker

The big night was finally here and I was ready! I was ready to walk onto the Nutcracker stage and sit on a big comfy chair, pretend to smoke a big fat wooden prop cigar and maybe sip on some imaginary martinis with Maria Aragon. We also helped decorate the Christmas tree with indestructible shiny ornaments, and we even planned a couple twirls and pirouettes as we talked on stage with other party guests.

Maria Aragon and I were invited by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet to play special guests during Act 1, Scene 2 of the Christmas party in the RWB’s seasonal performance of the Nutcracker. Maria and I were two of 15 Winnipeg celebrities and media personalities that received the special invite for the walk-on roles. I actually found out about the walk-on roles last year when 103.1 Virgin Radio’s Ace Burpee and his mother were invited. This year’s invited celebrities included 103.1 Virgin Radio’s Chrissy Troy, newly elected City of Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman and songwriter/vocalist, Sierra Noble.

The actual walk-on role was quite a breeze. Sitting in the big chair by the fireplace was easy and watching the performance happen right in front of our lap was magical. The RWB dancers are ridiculously athletic and extremely talented. Our on-stage coaches made sure we didn’t stray too close to the jumping and twirling ballet dancers. Maria and I actually talked to each other on stage and at one point, we counted down to do a synchronized twirl on stage. I was all in for the walk-on role and even took on the challenge in lifting Sarah Davey (playing Aunt Josephine) during the final sequences of the Christmas party scene. That was it and it was a spectacular experience!

The most memorable part of the walk-on role during the Nutcracker was seeing all the magic that happens behind the scenes. There’s a lot of stuff going on backstage and it’s an intense production with multiple sets and several costume changes for many of the dancers. The newest and cutest addition to the Nutcracker was Hazel the polar bear and the twelve polar bear cubs.

I’d like to thank everyone at the RWB that made this years’ experience extremely memorable both on and off the stage. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your Christmas tradition and allowing me to share my experience with family and friends.

Photos by Donna Medina | Filipino Journal