What do we expect for the year 2020?

What do we expect for the year 2020?

The Year 2020 is the beginning of a new decade? But it seems that there are spills-over of some world events which are considered unfavorable as transition points for a new decade.

Internationally, take the current conflict between the USA and Iran? And the bush fire in Australia?

After all the outburst of fireworks at Times Square or the magical welcome of the New Year in Dubai or in Moscow, we woke up the next day with so much good vibes of the New Year! We were looking forward for a much better world and forget the problems of the last decades! We would like to face the new decade with a new hope in every way in our lives.

But within few days of January, Iran and the USA entered into a conflict by the killing Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by a US drone strike in Baghdad last Friday. The response of Iran was instant and voicing to the world: “Death for America!,” almost a threat of a war between these two warring countries.

And as expected, President Donald Trump responded with more threats against Iran, noting that Soleimani was the architect of the deaths of thousands of Americans in roadside bombing and other deadly attacks. And this killing leads to the threat of nuclear update pronounced by the Iranian government, getting out from the agreement on the restrictions on fuel enhancement, giving them more freedom to increase its enriched uranium in the development of atomic bomb.

As the result, Iraq’s parliament had called for the expulsion of more 5,200 American troops from the Iraqi soil. And at the US front, Trump has ordered additional 3,000 US troops to be ready for whatever the Iranians cry for revenge. And as some international observers that more attacks are planned by Iranians after the burial of General Soleimani who according to Trump was the “Monster” who mastermind the killing of thousands of Americans soldiers! And Trump said, “‘we take comfort in the general’s death!”

Would this battle of words lead to a more conflict in the Middle East, where there are some hot spots of Iran’s sympathizers who are demanding more retaliation against the Americans.

And as a result, the Philippine government led by President Rodrigo Duterte to evacuate thousands of OFWs who are working in Iran and Iraq to return to the Philippines for safety. Local officials left for Iraq to help our kababayans, especially those who are working in various US bases in Iraq.

And it seems that the US House of Representatives’ impeachment of President Trump is set aside for a while while the Middle East conflict is still raging between Tehran and Washington!

Another sad news of the New Year is the most devastating bush fire in Australia where millions of hectares have been raged by fire; killing more than 25 people; hundreds of houses had been turned into ashes, and killing a now estimated to 1 billion animals. International aids have been pouring to help put off the fire. Many Canadian and American firefighters have traveled to Australia to help battle the wildfire. And more monetary donations especially from the celebrities to help finance the firefighting operations.

And locally, in our home country, more progress due to Build Build Build platform of D30 would lead to a more progressive Philippines; and experience the New Manila under the clear vision of Mayor Isko Moreno, giving more inspirations to the other elected city officials in the Manila suburbs.

Nationally, the Liberal minority government is still in tight rope but skillfully managing the balance of power in the Parliament. Do we expect for another election in a year or two.

And Provincially, there is a surge of patients in our hospitals, marking the usual flu season for the month of January.

Locally, the New Year seemed to be a quiet one but with the news that one man was hurt at the Main Street. With this kind of news our fear of the last year’s highest record in homicide crimes gives a goosebumps. Hope for more protection protocols for the Winnipeggers!

And wishing everyone a bountiful and a blissful New Year: 2020; and wish that your 20/20 vision would be much clearer to view beyond your comfort zone.