Welcome to the good life

Welcome to the good life

A pinay’s guide to getting hitched

Guess what, readers? I’m finally hitched (as foreshadowed by my previous columns)!

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve officially become a member of the “Wild” tribe. Now, what’s my verdict on the married life?
Everything feels a lot different, but also very much the same.

Kevin and I had already been living together for a few years before tying the knot, so we were lucky enough to know what having overlapping lives was really like. Asides from figuring out who pays for what bills, who commandeers the grocery shopping trips and which families we spend time with at what points during the holidays, the transition was – for the most part – smooth.

Immediately after our wedding, my husband (I still can’t get used to calling him that, by the way) and I went on a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It was time to reconnect with what brought us to this point in this first place – our relationship.

The whirlwind of wedding planning takes its toll on many couples, and it’s easy to forget the true cause for celebration once you become fixated on stationary paper, party favours and napkin folds. Turning off our phones and spending time on the road was the perfect way to learn how to enjoy each other’s company again. I mean, really, truly bask in each other’s presence.

Sharing a life with someone is bar none the most exciting experience I’ve had to date. Learning to work together as a team, both romantically and platonically, is the greatest challenge. Thankfully, I have a stellar teammate who bears with me every day, and helps me becoming a better partner and person in the process.
Planning a wedding is fun. Being married is thrilling, and a natural next step for most people in love. But the best part about getting hitched is what remains when all the confetti is finally laid.