Porsche Panamera 4S

Porsche Panamera 4S

Perfect for families and executives that want to go fast!

The Porsche Panamera 4S might be one my new goals in life. It’s a fantastic high performance luxury sedan that seats 2+2. Perfect for transporting business associates, a family road trip to the lake or even delivering the Filipino Journal to Brandon.

The 2014 Porsche Panamera 4S is equipped with a Twin Turbo 3-litre V6 that pumps out 420 horsepower and 380lb-ft torque. The 19″ Panamera Turbo II wheel package was included in the media test model, an upgrade from 18″ wheels.

Launch Control

How can I explain launch control? To get the full appreciation of this beautiful driving machine and one unique way to freak out your passengers, it’s called Launch Control. I love how Porsche has this feature built in to accelerate from 0 to 60km/hr, or 0 to 100km/hr in the shortest amount of time. Zero to 100km/hr in under 5 seconds!

I felt like I was an airplane captain as I prepped the Panamera 4S into launch control. It was a process to activate it. Press a few buttons, press the brake with your left foot, floor the gas with your right foot, wait until you see “Launch Control” flashing on the steering column, hold the steering wheel firmly before lifting your left foot off the brake and BOOM! The Panamera 4S shoots forward with 420hp of force that pushes you into your seat. In a matter of seconds, you’re at a cruising speed of 100km/hr along the highway. That’s Launch Control.

Cup Holders

I’ve been told that Porsche redesigned the cup holders in the new Porsche Macan SUVs. I just hope we see a cup holder redesign in upcoming Panamera models because they’re still awful. They’re not practical enough to carry a travel mug or let alone a Super Slurpee.

I love the interior of the Panamera especially the full array of buttons along the centre stack. One quick press of a button and you instantly turn features on & off. No need to fumble through multi-level touch menu displays. The best button on the centre stack is a button that looks like binoculars but actually serves to make loud exotic noises in the exhaust.

The 2014 Panamera 4S starts at $112,500 and with the added options and packages in the media model comes with a final price tag of $134,785. Part of the upgrades include an adaptive air suspension, sports package and sports seats at $13,700 and a $2,420 BOSE Audio package.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal