Weekend Road Trips: Let the Adventures Begin

Weekend Road Trips: Let the Adventures Begin

CAA Manitoba shares tips to get you where you’re going safely & stress-free this summer

Thanks to Canada’s 150th anniversary and the high US dollar, CAA Manitoba expects many drivers to hit the highway to Canadian destinations this summer.
“Canada has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and driving is one of the best ways to experience them,” says Erika Miller, public and media relations specialist for CAA Manitoba. “Make the most of your great Canadian vacation by making sure you’re properly packed and prepared to explore the open road.”

The best thing to do before the rubber hits the road is to take your vehicle in for an inspection: have the oil changed, fluid levels checked, battery tested and tires inspected, including your spare. Ensure that the emergency roadside kit in your car is customized and stocked with enough food and water, clothing, and first-aid items for the number of passengers travelling with you.

Five stress-free summer road trip tips

•Get a sense of driving conditions: check live road camera feeds from around the province at CAAManitoba.com/roadcams.

•Prevent a lockout by bringing a spare set of keys and storing them away from your set or giving them to a passenger.

Reduce distractions while driving: if you’re driving with someone, designate them as the texter and ask them to answer all calls and messages. If you’re driving alone, let friends and family know your ETA before you go, and that you won’t be able to respond immediately to calls or texts.

•Bring an entertainment kit if you’re travelling with kids: a backpack filled with soft toys, books and games can keep them occupied during the ride and reduce the amount of times they ask “Are we there yet?”

•Plan ahead with the Passport 2017 app. CAA is the app’s official sponsor of travel information for attractions across Canada, including hours of operation, contact information and admission cost (if applicable). Download the Passport 2017 app to learn more about events and locations for the Canada 150 celebrations.