A Successful Launching of Dalayoan’s A New Beginning

A Successful Launching of Dalayoan’s A New Beginning

(a short film documentary review)

The pet project of veteran educator Gemma Dalayoan and her son Fernando Dalayoan, the documentary film A New Beginning for Immigrants had its successful, well-attended launching screening on April 8, at Tec Voc High School.

Made possible in cooperation with Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, the well-presented event was attended by a good number of local luminaries whom included several MLAs, community leaders, as well as family and friends of the people involved in the production.

The documentary film featured two short films about the melding of typical Filipino aspirations with new struggles in the Canadian community as well as insights from several interviewees about their humble start in the Canadian province and how they worked hard for their dreams and goals and how they were able to surpass the initial obstacles immigrants usually encounter during their first years of life in a totally different country.

Films like this are difficult to accomplish. It takes not only the clear vision and perseverance on the part of the instigator but also support from the community at large and from all possible resource centers. So, the next time, something like this gets to be shown, every Filipino-Canadian needs to watch it, to give him a good insight into what makes Filipino-Canadian culture unique and distinct from the rest.

A New Beginning for Immigrants was produced by Gemma Dalayoan under Gemton Film Productions, with assistance from MTS; directed by Fernando Dalayoan; and hosted by Ernesto Nicolas Ofiaza Jr. The two short films featured in the presentation were the creation of Fernando Dalayoan and Jeff Camungao, respectively.