V-League Winnipeg: Winnipeg’s Emerging Hot Sports among Pinoys

V-League Winnipeg: Winnipeg’s Emerging Hot Sports among Pinoys

The volleyball games during Life of Peg Sportsfest last year spurred the growth and rise to the new volleyball league, aptly called V-League by Life of Peg organizers and sponsors. While the play of hoops showcased male bravados, it was the grace and art at volleyball games that filled the gym bleachers at R.B. Russel High School.

“Perhaps, it is because when a working mom or a wacky aunt, engaged in competitive sports such volleyball, the entire family or clan showed up to cheer,” explained Nestor de Quiroz, one of the convenors of the Life of Peg event, in an exclusive interview for Filipino Journal.

The success of last year’s sports festival pushed the triumvirate of Nestor and Jackie de Quiroz and Vangie Mance to replicate or even expand the sporting event this year.

Nine teams registered in the women’s division while seven teams enlisted in the men’s division. The best team in each division will be bring home the De Quiroz Mance Cup at the conclusion of the league on June 15, 2016. One team in each division will own the perpetual bragging rights of being the first champion of V-League Winnipeg.

League games are Friday and Saturday nights at Sturgeon Community Center and the R.B. Russell High School. On any given night, fancy team names such as Let’s Eat Pancit, Forever Flames or Saladmaster duke it out in the name of volleyball glory.

V-League is sponsored and run by Nestor and Jackie De Quiroz, mortgage specialist and realtor tandem, and Vangie & Mar Mance of Mance Financial. Along with their V-League committee, work tirelessly to ensure the first year league is a success for its player, and their families who pack the gym every week.

“Some people think the registration fee will be sufficient to cover all expenses. That’s the farthest from the truth. Just imagine paying two line judges, two referees and 3 table officials every game. And other incurring expenses such rent for venues and marketing. We subsidize this activity because we believe in them,” Jackie De Quiroz on start-up and supporting V-League initiatives.

It is the belief that a sporting event like this one redefines and strengthens our solidarity as one vibrant community.

Nestor de Quiroz is a not a stranger to organizing. In fact, prior to migrating to Winnipeg, he was a sports coordinator for the prestigious DLSU in Cavite. It is no surprise that it comes as second nature for him.

Catch the excitement. Visit www.v-leaguewinnipeg.com for schedule games, news features on players and other announcements.

Photos by Star Roxas | Filipino Journal