Fabulous Las Vegas 2

Fabulous Las Vegas 2

Famous for glitz and glamour, Las Vegas dazzles day and night and magnetizes people – millions of tourists and wealthy gamblers leaving huge fortunes in the Sin City.

On The Strip of 4.2 miles (6.8 kms.) stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard are the mega casino-hotels and their associated entertainment that make Las Vegas a city like no other. Most people consider The Strip, originally the two-lane main road leading into the city from Los Angeles, California, actually from Mandalay Bay to Stratosphere or vice versa.

Nothing can compare a stroll at night on The Strip, as it’s cooler, to admire Las Vegas cityscape with its dramatic architecture on a sea of lights. Visible from The Strip are popular free attractions that won’t eat up your budget. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your trip to Vegas because there are totally free attractions to discover and explore right on The Strip such as the man-made volcano, also a peaceful waterfall when it’s not erupting, belching fire every hour after dusk at 7pm at The Mirage with the smoke spouting more than 100 feet above the water which is actually perfumed with a pleasant pina colada scent to cover up the odour of the natural gas; the full scale Carribean pirate ship that engages in combat with a British frigate at The Treasure Island; the thousands of dancing fountains synchronised to a rainbow of coloured lights and accompanying music at The Bellagio; or the strongest beam of light in the world coming from Luxor’s black glass pyramid.

Live circus shows for kids and adults of all ages are also free at one of the best kid-friendly casino-hotels in the city, Circus Circus (the largest permanent big top on earth) where world-class acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists, and unicyclists perform death-defying stunts for about ten minutes every half-hour between eleven am to midnight.

Inside The Bellagio are the “Fiori Di Como”, a huge hand-blown glass sculpture that covers the ceiling of the casino-hotel’s lobby, created and completed in 1998 by renown sculptor Dale Chihuly and the Conservatory & Botanical Garden which undergoes five seasonal themes using tens of thousands of real flowers, trees and plants to showcase the beautiful sights and hues of spring, summer, fall, winter, and Chinese New Year.

Visit Caesars Palace Forum Shops to see the Fall of Atlantis and Festival Fountain Shows. The Fall of Atlantis Show using water, fire, smoke, and animatronic nine-foot-tall talking Roman statues around the aquarium tells the story of a feud between the bratty kids of King Atlas as to who will rule the throne of the Atlantis Kingdom. Then God interferes and the kingdom falls. To the west side of the Forum Shops is the Festival Fountain amazing laser, water and light show featuring the moving statues of Greek gods Bacchus, Venus, Apollo, and Plutus.

Catch a glimpse of The Flamingo’s outdoor wildlife habitat of pink-coloured birds – a flock (called a “flambouyance”) of Chilean flamingos peacefully co-existing with an array of black swans, exotic ducks, Japanese koi fish and yellow catfish, pheasants, and turtles among the foliage and waterfalls, streams and lagoons.

The Excalibur with its exterior medieval castle appearance that is sure to fascinate the kids features a large arcade, the Fun Dungeon Arcade.

For a culture buff here’s something to do in Vegas that may be completely different – taking a spin around the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas public spaces with exclusive art collections at the open art P3 Studio on the 3rd floor of the resort where you can see an artist-in-residence working on his piece of art..

As more and more resorts are offering attractions geared toward the young people Las Vegas has become a great tourist destination for families.