Tunog Talisay Benefit Concert


It was a sold out event and the Talisay Association packed Jimels International Cuisine for their first Tunog Talisay benefit concert. Over 250 people enjoyed an evening of performances from the talented members of the Talisay Association of Manitoba.

Performers and groups at Tunog Talisay included April Luna, Glenn and Dianne Naquila, Michael Caraan, Bernadette Barrientos, Aiza Luna with Melvin Luna, Janevee Villa Del Rey, Rocky Magsino, Ivy Laurel, No Boundaries, The Blenk and 3 Plus 1 groups.

Funds raised from the Tunog Talisay concert go to support St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church San Guillermo Parish in Talisay, Batangas.

Erratum Notice: In our feature of the Tunog Talisay benefit councert in the Filipino Journal print edition (October 5-20, 2014), we indicated that the funds raised from the Tunog Talisay benefit concert would be directed to St. Joseph’s Parish in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The error was brought to our attention by Talisay Association members and confirmed by president, Jeff Luna that the funds from the concert will be directed to San Guillermo Parish in Talisay, Batangas, Philippines.

Photos by Roberto Villaruel