Three letters, big savings: DIY

Three letters, big savings: DIY

A pinay’s guide to getting hitched

I count myself lucky to have tied the knot in the 2000s.

Why, you ask? Three reasons: the Internet, Pinterest and thrifty brides with a lot of spare time.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) weddings have become monstrously popular – and for good reason. With more young people entering the workforce earning less than their predecessors, the odds of delivering a lavish wedding is ludicrous.

Thankfully, our DIY-era has made it socially acceptable to look shabby or, as the wedding industry often labels it, “rustic chic.” With a little bit of creativity and craft glue, you can save thousands of dollars on décor, stationary and more.

Here are a few helpful tips to get you going while saving some major coin:

•Draw inspiration by perusing wedding websites, blogs, and Pinterest. Find signature pieces you’d like to replicate, like centrepieces, giveaways, and stationary kits.
•Now, search for DIY instructions on the pieces you’ve fallen for. For example, maybe you want to decorate the ceiling with a string of paper lanterns. Chances are there’s an affordable alternative you can build and personalize instead of paying triple the shelf price for something virtually identical.
•Professional stationary can easily blow your modest budget. Instead, pick a doable pattern that either you or a helpful design-inclined friend can create on your computer. You can purchase paper stock for a fraction of the cost from your local office supply store, and use patterned craft scissors for a bit of pop.
•Visit thrift shops, garage sales, and even your backyard for unlikely signature pieces. You never know where you may find something cool that can be refinished with a simple coat of thematic or metallic spray paint.
•If you’re looking for supplies, there are a number of stationary and craft wholesalers in the city that offer steep discounts on paper, beads, baskets and more. A couple require memberships, but most are open to the public (just call and ask to be sure).
•When it comes to DIY-ing, there’s a trade-off: money for time. Make sure you give yourself (and whoever’s willing to help) enough hours to assemble all the pieces of your handmade puzzle. It’s a ton of fun to host DIY parties – just make sure you get the hot glue gun work out of the way before popping open the wine bottles.

Above all else, don’t forget to enjoy yourself! With a little bit of blood, sweat and glitter, you’ll DIY your way to the finish line.