Top 10 Tips for Using LinkedIn Like a Professional

Top 10 Tips for Using LinkedIn Like a Professional

Sarah Coyle | Manitoba Start

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular tool in searching for work. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ offer many opportunities to expand your network, raise your professional profile and even apply for jobs.

The most powerful and efficient social media tool for developing and maintaining professional, strategic relationships is LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows users to create a free account and easily set up a professional profile with its standardized format.

LinkedIn users can access over 396 million other LinkedIn members, join LinkedIn groups based on interests and network with different professionals from related fields. Importantly, recruiters and human resources professionals use LinkedIn to search for ideal employees. A clear, updated LinkedIn profile increases your chances of being noticed for possible job opportunities.

How can you use LinkedIn to enhance your job search and connect with other professionals? Here are my top 10 tips:

1.Develop your LinkedIn strategy. What are your short- and long-term goals? What is your target audience? How will you demonstrate what you know? How will you measure success?

2.Use a professional-looking photo in your profile. Dress for success.

3.Create an appealing and brief professional headline and summary that states what you can do well and why others may be interested in your skills. This acts as a mini elevator pitch.

4.State clearly that you are looking for employment and be specific about the type of work you are interested in; for example, Open for opportunities; or: Seeking work as an Electrical Engineering Technician.

5.Update your profile information; for example, with changes in contact information, job title, certificates/training completed, volunteer experience or charitable activities.

6.Create an online presence and identity by regularly updating your status, posting photos of work activities, sharing news articles or posting links to your work, such as an online portfolio or work blog, etc.

7.Articulate any other professional information you are seeking (for example, industry information, mentorship, etc.,) and how other professionals can assist you.

8.Look for collaboration opportunities. View other people’s profiles to determine how your experience can be a resource to them and help their business grow. Do you have skills that meet their needs? Can you offer suggestions or refer them to others who can help them?

9.Respond to LinkedIn email messages in a timely manner as you would with your other professional email accounts; try to reply within a 24- to 48-hour work period

10.Stay current on LinkedIn best practices and usage as they evolve over time.

Your LinkedIn profile is an online representation of you. Put your best foot forward by accurately highlighting your skills and attributes and focusing your interactions on professional networking.

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