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Three Champions, Two Super Fights, One Legend

Three Champions, Two Super Fights, One Legend

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva stood with his back against the cage, hands down, taking punch after punch from “American Psycho” Stephan Bonnar. On Saturday, October 13, 2012, Anderson Silva went up a weight class to take this fight on short notice, in order to save the UFC 153 card from cancellation. The event took place in Silva’s homeland, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and granted, no one gave Bonnar much of a chance, yet to see the distain for Bonnar’s skills, and the ease of disposing him, Anderson Silva has added another story to his legend.

At the age of 37, Silva has said he wants to fight for only five more years. That means he’ll only fight a few more times and only marquee fights will whet the appetite of the Champion. Which is why he has shied away from taking fights against middleweight contenders Chris Weidman or Michael Bisping. There are two fights fans would like to see, and both are Super Fights. Also, like Silva, both fights involve other UFC Champions; welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.
Anderson Silva has requested George St-Pierre to be his next opponent. No doubt, a money maker for both men as well as the UFC. However, before this fight could happen, St-Pierre has to get past interim champion, Carlos Condit. Which is no small task, especially, after being sidelined with an injury to his ACL. If GSP does get by Condit, expect him to be Silva’s next fight. This fight makes sense in that both are long reigning champions and have cleared out their divisions.
The other super fight in question is a match up with Jon “Bones” Jones. Jones recently defended his light heavyweight championship against Vitor Belfort. With the exception of Dan Henderson, there is no other contender in the light heavyweight division that the champion hasn’t defeated. So a fight with Anderson Silva, who just fought at 205 lbs, seems within reach. Unfortunately, neither Jon Jones nor Anderson Silva wants to take this fight. In fact, after defeating Stephan Bonnar, Silva stated that it would be his last fight at light heavyweight. This is a case of fans, Dana White and the UFC brass wanting to see this fight.
Both super fights would be “must-see” events, but will we get to see them? I say money talks, but the only way we would get both, is if Anderson Silva beats the first match up. I say GSP defeats Condit, then goes on to face Anderson Silva. This fight will go in Silva’s favor and the overwhelming call from fans will get us Anderson Silva versus Jon Jones.

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