Thankful for Seasons (Ecclesiastes 3;1-8)


I grew up in the Philippines. The possibility of snow for Christmas was so remote that my mother would point to fog early morning as evidence that the holidays were just around the corner. She even decorates our Christmas Tree with white cottons to serve as snow which was beyond our experience, imagination and understanding.

When our family moved to Canada and now live in Winnipeg, the Winter experience is so unbelievable. There’s a lot of snow when the Yuletide Season comes around. And we couldn’t be happier with four distinct season.

But we don’t find the same response from many who have lived and grown up in Canada. We find it amusing that they don’t share our appreciation for the wonderful cycle of change GOD has built into nature for our good.

In Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8, Solomon acknowledged the cycles of life.

He observed a time to sow and to reap, to weep and to laugh, to mourn and to dance, to gain and to lose, to keep silent and to speak, to love and to hate.

Just as GOD determines the weather, HE controls the cycles in our lives. “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Do we resist those seasons and complain about the “snowy” conditions on the horizon? Or do we trust GOD and thank HIM for whatever HE planned for us?

Whatever our situation is today, we can be thankful for GOD’s seasons. Let the changes of the WEATHER teach us about life . . . Always remember that Rain or Shine, the game of life goes on . . . So find beauty in each season to pray to GOD so that we will be able to withstand our life’s storms . . . ALWAYS remember, you are not alone, HE is always there for you. . . GOD loves you more than anyone does.

Just as the winter turns to spring,
Our lives have changing season, too;
So when a gloomy forecast comes.
Remember – GOD has plans for you.
Rather than praying for a change in circumstances,
Pray for a change of HEART.
One SONG can change a MOMENT
One IDEA can change a WORLD
One STEP can start a JOURNEY
BUT A PRAYER can change even the IMPOSSIBLE.