Ten Questions with Filipino Fighter Eric Perez

Ten Questions with Filipino Fighter Eric Perez

Fearless. Exciting. Fun to watch… those are just a few ways to describe MMA fighter Eric Perez. One of Winnipeg’s rising stars in the Mixed Martial Arts world.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him for The Weigh In, here’s Ten Questions with Eric Perez:

1) How did you get your start in MMA?
EP: 12 yrs ago I found an event online in Clinton, Iowa that was looking for fighters with ‘no experience’ . My friends and I had been working out together watching jiu jitsu instructional tapes and hitting pads for about a year or so. I decided to enter and actually had to pay a $50 entry fee and that was how I started.

2) Who is your biggest influence as a fighter?
EP: Wanderlei Silva has always been my favorite fighter. I like his aggressive go forward style and the way he goes for the finish every fight. Another fighter I’ve always admired is Kazushi Sakuraba, I like the way he puts on a show for the crowd when he fights. He tries high risk, high reward moves to win fights but also to please the crowd. He was so far ahead of his time when he Pride Fighting was in its beginning.

3) If you could fight anyone, past or present, any weight class … who would it be?
EP: Kazushi Sakuraba. He is a showman and has a well rounded game. We would put on an unbelievable fight!

4) What’s your favorite “pig out” food once you’re done cutting weight”
EP: I’ll eat just about anything that is bad when I’m done. I really enjoy and like to take advantage of my time between fights.

5) What is your walkout music and how did you pick it?
Choke – Interlude
It has no lyrics and it’s a song that doesn’t get old to me. Now that I’ve been using it for so long it helps me visualize while I train and calms me down when I get ready to walk down the ramp.

6) What sports outside of MMA do you watch and what team(s) do you cheer for?
EP: I used to watch a lot of hockey. I don’t watch as much anymore because the game is not as enjoyable without fighting. Hockey was great in the 80’s and early to mid 90’s, now, not so much.

7) Who was your team?
EP: I used pull for the Edmonton Oilers.

8) Who would you want to star as you in the movie of your life?
EP: I have no idea, a friend of mine said I look like John Leguizamo. I guess he’s pretty funny, it’s gotta be a comedy though.

9) To show the other side of a fighter… what was your favorite childhood toy?
EP: My bike, I spent a lot of time riding my bike when I was a kid.

10) Last question: When can we see you fight again?
I’m fighting September 10th at the Canadian Fighting Championship 7 show here in Winnipeg. It is my 6th appearance for this organization, it’ my home, my show and I’m looking to go 6-0 for the CFC.

Thanks so much for the interview Eric!
I highly recommend you get your tickets to CFC 6. With an Eric Perez fight, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth!